Samar National School Alumni List

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  1. Name:  Helen P. Elizalde
    Address:  Catbalogan City, Samar
    Contact Phone:  09176729764
    Year Graduated:  2014
    Class Section:  6
    Favorite Teacher:  Ms. M.M. Mustacisa
    Campus Crush:  None
    Memorable Moments:  Excitd lumabs wth classmates para bumili softdrnks worth 5 kamoteq "GLEECLUBMEMBER"

  2. Name:  Ronn Jay C. Epino
    Title:   Ticketing and Reservation Agent
    Organization:  ABE Tourism Society, Good Friends Society
    Address:  P8 Brgy. Canlapwas, Diversion Road, Catbalogan, Samar 6700, Philippines
    Contact Phone:  09193414806
    Fax:  029265329
    Year Graduated:  2005
    Class Section:  1
    Favorite Teacher:  
    Campus Crush:  
    Memorable Moments:  Winning some school activities and contest. Gaining wonderful friends!

  3. Name:  Alissa Marie Esguerra
    Title:   future CPA
    Organization:  SMCC
    Address:   Purok 5, Brgy. Canlapwas, Catbalogan, Samar
    Contact Phone:   09087469778
    Year Graduated:  2008
    Class Section:  2
    Favorite Teacher:  Mr. Calvadorez
    Campus Crush:  
    Memorable Moments:  ..graduation

  4. Name:  Amparo Cristina Estera
    Title:   Customer service
    Organization:  OFW
    Address:  53 Kamias Rd., Quezon City 1100, Philippines
    Contact Phone:  +639159913051
    Fax:  029265329
    Contact URL:
    Year Graduated:  1991
    Class Section:  4
    Favorite Teacher:  Mr. Antonio Radomes
    Campus Crush:   Waray gwapo!!!
    Memorable Moments:  during the JS and graduation!!!

  5. Name:  Angelo Estera
    Title:  Fashion designer and landscaping artist
    Organization:  FDAP, UMAP
    Address:  53 Kamias Rd., Quezon City, Philippines
    Contact Phone:  +632-9265329
    Fax:   +63-9265329
    Contact URL:
    Year Graduated:  1988
    Class Section:  1
    Favorite Teacher:  Mrs. Correge
    Campus Crush:   Levi Geli and more..
    Memorable Moments:  the vivrant fabULOUS ALL GAY MEMBERS ' the young queen club"....

  6. Name:  Realyn Estolero
    54-d 13th Ave. Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City 1107, Philippines
    Contact Phone:  
    Year Graduated:  2004
    Class Section:  5
    Favorite Teacher:  Mr. Labine
    Campus Crush:   none
    Memorable Moments: 
    hanging out with all my freinds from morning till nyt~~!!!!

  7. Name:  Jezer N. Estrada
    Organization:   SDA
    Address:   Guindapunan, Catbalogan, Samar
    Contact Phone:   +639196725426
    Year Graduated:  1994
    Class Section:  1
    Favorite Teacher:   Mrs. E. Racuyal
    Campus Crush:   Ahaha nakalimtan na!
    Memorable Moments:  Waray nla.. kay halaba...

  8. Name:  Lourdes G. Estrada
    Title:   SpED Principal
    Organization:   DepED Catbalogan I SPED Center
    Address:  Catbalogan I Central School, Corner Curry Ave and Arteche Blvd, Catbalogan, Samar
    Contact Phone:   +639102771312
    Year Graduated:   1973
    Class Section:  2
    Favorite Teacher:  Mrs. Luz L. Miel
    Campus Crush:  Secret !
    Memorable Moments:   Eating banana cue and camote cue during recess time !