Samar National School Alumni List

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  1. Name:   Edgedio Ignacio
    Title:  CPA

    Lot 12 Blk V, Piczonville Subdivision, Catbalogan, Samar
    Contact Phone:  
    Year Graduated:  1996
    Class Section:  1
    Favorite Teacher:  
    Mrs. Turija
    Campus Crush:   secret
    Memorable Moments:  
    When I suffered illness due to playing "sipa" every vacant time

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  2. Name:   Josieveva P. Ignacio
    Address:  Brgy. 13 Patag District, Catbalogan, Samar
    Contact Phone:   09321608260
    Year Graduated:  2000
    Class Section:  3
    Favorite Teacher:   Mrs. Bestudio
    Campus Crush:   secret
    Memorable Moments:   many to mention!

  3. Name:   Rizal N. Ignacio
    Title:  Civil Engineer

      BCBP, PICE, Delta Epsilon
    Address:  324 J. C. Rosales St. Catbayog City, Samar
    Contact Phone:   09196457808
    Year Graduated:  1996
    Class Section:  2
    Favorite Teacher:   Mrs. Laureta
    Campus Crush:   Damo ad2 hira...hehe
    Memorable Moments:  when I've met my long lasting friends during my high school days

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  4. Name:  Arnel F. Ilagan
    Title:  LLB/Criminal Justice (USA)

     Beta Alpha Lambda Fraternity
    1714 N Metropolitan Avenue, Waukegan, Illinois 60085, USA
    Contact Phone:  
    Year Graduated:  1986
    Class Section:  4
    Favorite Teacher:  
    Our section Adviser
    Campus Crush:  
    Damo. Isang Platoon.
    Memorable Moments: 
    During JS Prom and Graduation day!

  5. Name:  Randy D. Ilagan
    Title:  Community Development Facilitator

      Plan International, Philippines
    Address:   356 Purok-7, Brgy. Mercedes, Catbalogan, Western Samar
    Contact Phone:   09204692394
    Year Graduated:  1985
    Class Section:  9
    Favorite Teacher:   Mrs. Miel
    Campus Crush:   AA
    Memorable Moments:   When we eat camote cue kanda mana gloria, labi na kun may pasobra.

  6. Name:  Ermalyn Ilao-Brown
    Title:  School Age Staff (counselor)

     75th MSG/SVYY
    435 South Crestmont Way, Kaysville, Utah 84037, USA
    Contact Phone:  
    Year Graduated:  1982
    Class Section: 
    can't remember
    Favorite Teacher:  
    Mrs. Derrota
    Campus Crush:   waray
    Memorable Moments:  
    When the whole class skipped science and we all went to Imelda Park and played tag.

  7. Name:   Leandro Ilao
    Title:  KilaBot ng SNS

    Address:   Ubanon Brgy.8, Catbalogan, Samar
    Contact Phone:   09202389305
    E-mail: /
    Year Graduated:  2006
    Class Section:  2
    Favorite Teacher:   Mrs.CalvaAKA(lornaT)
    Campus Crush:  
    Memorable Moments:   mga kalorongan nga nabaroan he2 na what so called SNS...^^

  8. Name:  Emilio C. Isanan
    Organization:  Alpha Phi Omega
    Address:  211 Patag, Purok 01, Brgy 10, Catbalogan, Samar 6700, Philippines
    Contact Phone:   09277756036
    Year Graduated:   2001
    Class Section:   8
    Favorite Teacher:  Mr. Salazar
    Campus Crush:   nevermind
    Memorable Moments:  when I lost myself thru a "barkada".

  9. Name:  Rubylyn B. Isanan
    Address:  23-A Acacia cor. Macopa St., Clarkview, Malabanias, Angeles City 2009, Pampanga
    Contact Phone:  +639276823006
    Year Graduated:   2002
    Class Section:   1
    Favorite Teacher:  Mrs. Vilma S. Nuevo
    Campus Crush:   Too many to mention
    Memorable Moments:  A lot...

  10. Name:   Melchor B. Iso
    Title:   OFW
    Address:  Ubanun, Catbalogan, Samar
    Contact Phone:   09394988795
    Year Graduated:   1997
    Class Section:   forgot
    Favorite Teacher:   Mr. Dacaynos
    Campus Crush:   A. Aguilar
    Memorable Moments:   JS..toma sa ubanun hangang sa Patag...hahaha