Samar National School Alumni List

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  1. Name:   Ernesto Unay
    Title:  Ms. Seniors 1987
    Address:   253 Kaliraya St., Tatalon, Quezon City
    Contact Phone:   027818133
    Year Graduated:  1987
    Class Section:  4
    Favorite Teacher:  Mrs. Climaco
    Campus Crush:   Lyndon, Vincent hihih
    Memorable Moments:  wen i kissed Ceciro Lampasa in the campus hahahahaha

  2. Name:   Rowena Unay-Figueroa
    Organization:  SNS Class of 1984
    Address:   Canlapwas, Catbalogan City, Samar
    Contact Phone:   09165470219
    Year Graduated:  1984
    Class Section:  1
    Favorite Teacher:  all
    Campus Crush: none
    Memorable Moments:   during our intrams when we were sophomores

  3. Name:   Rosynthia Unay-Prothero
    Address:   46 Jackson St., Merinda, Bowen, Queensland 4805, Australia
    Contact Phone:   0408 723060
    Year Graduated:  1975
    Class Section:  3
    Favorite Teacher:  plenty
    Campus Crush:  damo la
    Memorable Moments:   my barkada we are always funny and joking, last year in High School.

  4. Name:   Ana Carla Uy
    Address:   Office F-16, Al-Sofouh Rd. Knowledge village, Blk2B, Dubai, UAE
    Contact Phone:   +971507596025
    Year Graduated:  1988
    Class Section:  4
    Favorite Teacher:  i forgot
    Campus Crush:  none
    Memorable Moments:  too many to mention...

  5. Name:   Ana Elisa Uy-Talle
    Title:  Housewife
    B4 L10 NHA, Baras, Palo 6501, Leyte, Philippines
    Contact Phone:  
    (053) 323-3972
    Year Graduated:  1971
    Class Section:  One
    Favorite Teacher:  all
    Campus Crush:   secret
    Memorable Moments:  
    Vacant period with D'fancy girls, parties and other school activities.

  6. Name:   May Uy-Barandino
    Title:  Nurse
    Organization:  INO
    6 Huntstown Grove, Clonsilla, Dublin 15, Ireland
    Contact Phone:  
    Year Graduated:  1992
    Class Section:  1
    Favorite Teacher:  all of them
    Campus Crush:
    Memorable Moments:  

  7. Name:   Titina Uy-Padua
    Address:   Sampaguita St., Fil-invest 1, Batasan Hills, Quezon City
    Contact Phone:   09164679063
    Year Graduated:  1994
    Class Section:  8
    Favorite Teacher:  my science teacher
    Campus Crush:   none
    Memorable Moments:   3rd year...the best classmates and teacher i ever had

  8. Name:   Lourdes Filipina C. Uycoque
    Title:  College Instructor
    Organization:  Samar State University
    Address:   374 Rizal Avenue Extension, Catbalogan, Samar
    Contact Phone:   (055)251-2666
    Year Graduated: 
    Class Section:  1
    Favorite Teacher:  Escobar/Muņoz
    Campus Crush:
    Memorable Moments:   graduation day

  9. Name:   Rolando Uycoque
    Organization:  Alpha Mu Omega
    Address:   Purok 2, Brgy. Canlapwas, Catbalogan City, Samar
    Contact Phone:   0552512635
    Year Graduated:  1979
    Class Section:  section 1
    Favorite Teacher:  wala! pasaway kasi..
    Campus Crush:   marami
    Memorable Moments:  always at the guidance office..every year yan ha...